compiles the best information about MapReduce, the software framework popularized by Google to support distributed computing on large data sets on clusters of computers.

You will find information from data management thought leaders, open source projects that use MapReduce (e.g. Hadoop and others) and commercial data warehouse vendors, as well as organizations using MapReduce to solve challenging business analytics problems.

SQL-MapReduce® for Advanced Analytics

By Rick F. van der Lans, R20 Consultancy

From the early days of decision support systems to the present world of data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics, the need for analytical capabilities has increased. In the beginning, users were satisfied with relatively straightforward reports, but today they demand advanced online analytical capabilities, such as forecasting, predictive modeling, and clustering.

In addition, data latency has become a more critical issue. It used to be acceptable for users to access week- and sometimes month-old data, compared to today, when users want to analyze data no older than a few seconds. In the past, we could keep our data warehouse relatively small by storing only aggregated data...

What is MapReduce?

MapReduce is a programming framework popularized by Google and used to simplify data processing across massive data sets...

Why MapReduce? Why now?

There are several benefits of MapReduce over conventional data processing techniques...

How Does MapReduce Fit into My Organization and Advanced Analytics?

MapReduce can be used in a variety of ways to bring efficiency into the ways you are processing data within your organization...

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