News & Events

News & Events

Below, please find recent news articles and upcoming events related to MapReduce and MapReduce-based open source projects like Hadoop. You may also find articles and events related to data mining, predictive analytics and other topics of interest to the MapReduce community.

  • 3-November - Webcast: "How a Retail Giant is Making Big Gains with
    Big Data Analytics" with Barnes & Noble

    DBTA, Aster Data, Tableau Software
    According to what you read, big data is everywhere. But actual facts about how businesses leverage big data to improve operations are few and far between. One of the most interesting examples of how big data analytics can improve business operations comes from the retail giant, Barnes & Noble. By using SQL-MapReduce® processing, Barnes & Noble was able to easily and cost effectively:
      - Make massive amounts of data available to its audience
      - Reduced analysis time from weeks to hours
      - Monitor every product line in its 2,000+ stores in real-time.
  • 27-October - Webcast: "MapReduce for the Business Analyst:
    Simplifying Big Data Analytics for the Business" with Philip Russom

    In this Webinar, we’ll show how recent advances in MapReduce have addressed criticisms while maintaining its inherent strengths with big data analytics. In particular, MapReduce must integrate with standard structured query language (SQL), if it’s to play well with the great host of tools and applications that assume data access via SQL. Likewise, MapReduce was originally designed for distributed file systems (as in Hadoop), but in larger enterprises it needs to work with relational databases, since they are by far the most common database type in use in BI today. Furthermore, business analysts, BI professionals, and millions of other information workers need to leverage their skills and tools with SQL and relational databases, but expanded by the additional capabilities of MapReduce.
  • 25-October - Analysts see room for growth on Hadoop, other 'big data' technologies
    Richard Winter, president of consulting firm Winter Corp. in Cambridge, Mass., says there are two principal development trends taking place in connection with “big data” and big-data technologies. First, traditional data warehouse vendors are investing in scalability improvements to better accommodate growing volumes of transaction data. And second, new open source technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSQL databases are emerging for use primarily as data warehouse alternatives in tackling other forms of big data -- Web activity logs and sensor data, for example...
  • 22-September - Teradata Provides the Simplest Way to
    Bring the Science of Data to the Art of Business

    Aster Data
    The new Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform marries MapReduce, the language of big data analytics, with Structured Query Language (SQL), the language of business analytics. It includes Aster Database 5.0, a new Aster MapReduce Appliance—which extends the Aster software deployment options beyond software-only and Cloud—and the Teradata-Aster Adaptor for high-speed data transfer between Teradata and Aster Data systems.
  • 7-September - Making Sense of Large and Growing Data Volumes
    Sys-con Media
    Is MapReduce the Holy Grail answer to the pressing problem of processing, analyzing and making sense of large and growing data volumes? Certainly it has potential in this arena, but there is a distressing gap between the amount of hype this technology – and its spinoffs – has received and the number of professionals who actually know how to integrate and make best use of it.
  • 7-September - Yahoo Spinoff Tries to Ride Data Tsunami
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    Scientists at Yahoo! (YHOO) who pioneered ways of dealing with huge amounts of information have started a new company that they hope will ride the coming sea change in how companies store and manage data.
  • 4-August - Twitter to Open Source Hadoop-like Tool
    Attention webscale aficionados, Twitter says it is planning to open source Storm, its Hadoop-like real-time data processing tool. In a blog post Thursday, the microblogging network said it plans to release the Storm code on Sept. 19 at the Strange Loop event in St. Louis, Mo.
  • 2-August - Hadoop, Big Data and Small Businesses
    Hadoop, HDFS and the MapReduce algorithm are becoming as popular as searching for celebrity gossip, and this surge in interest says a lot about the changing nature of enterprise infrastructure and data and application requirements.
  • 19-July - Microsoft Pushes Windows Azure Capabilities with Project Daytona
    Looking to expand use of its Windows Azure cloud platform into the realm of "big data" scientific computing, Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) is offering more details about its Project Daytona that melds Azure with the MapReduce framework for processing huge datasets.
  • 29-June - In Plain Sight: Patented Aster Data
    SQL-MapReduce® Technology Opens Eyes to Big Data Opportunities

    Aster Data
    The Next Big Thing in analytic business foresight began in 2005, when Mayank Bawa and Tasso Argyros were students at Stanford.
  • 29-June - MapR to Challenge Cloudera over Hadoop
    Sys.con Media
    MapR Technologies, the start-up that surfaced from stealth mode a few weeks ago as the Hadoop distribution in EMC's Greenplum Big Data widgetry, has just put its code out in both a free and paid version, as promised.
  • 28-June - Platform MapReduce Provides Enterprise-Class MapReduce Distributed Runtime Engine across Multiple Distributed File Systems to Improve ROI
    PR Newswire
    Platform Computing, the leader in cluster, grid and cloud management software, today announced the availability of Platform MapReduce, the industry's first enterprise-class, distributed runtime engine for MapReduce applications.
  • 28-June - Hadoop may be hot, but it needs to be useful
    Hadoop is a very valuable tool, but it’s far from perfect. One potential concern for businesses whose primary products don’t end in .com is that it was built with the web in mind.
  • 28-June - Yahoo! seeds Hadoop startup on open source dream
    The Register
    Yahoo! is creating a new company with its core Hadoop engineering team, seeking to rapidly expand the scope of the open source distributed number-crunching platform and ultimately bring it to a much wider audience.
  • 16-June - BI for Hybrid (Big) Data
    Most companies exploring the use of big data for business intelligence purposes do not simply want to analyse unstructured data, they also want to combine the results of that analysis with relevant structured data. They want their analytics to span all sorts of data, which we may refer to as hybrid data.
  • 15-June - Webcast: Big Data Analytics Comes of Age -
    Unlock the Potential of Multistructured Data

    IDC, Teradata, Aster Data
    Dan Vesset, vice president for IDC, explores how leading companies are introducing new analytic techniques and new types of data into their analytics ecosystem. "This may include either new transactional data sources or new external data feeds of transactional or multistructured interactional data," the IDC report states.
  • 01-June - Why MapR is Right to Give Back to Apache Hadoop
    Big data startup MapR is now an official corporate contributor to the Apache Hadoop project, a somewhat interesting turn of affairs given its corporate mission to lure users away from Apache’s Hadoop Distributed File System.
  • 30-May - Hadoop for Bioinformatics
    Bioinformatics is the application of computer science in the form of statistics and analytics to molecular biology. This exciting field is bringing about great breakthroughs, especially in genetics, where computers and algorithms are being used to map genomes.
  • 02-May - Teradata Accelerates Big Data Analytics with
    First Collaborative Community for SQL-MapReduce®

    Aster Data
    Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC) has luanched the Aster Data SQL-MapReduce® Developer Portal. This portal is the first collaborative online developer community for SQL-MapReduce analytics, an emerging framework for processing non-relational data and ultra-fast analytics.
  • 24-March - Google Open Sources MapReduce Compression
    The Register
    Google has open sourced the compression library used across its backend infrastructure, including MapReduce, its distributed number-crunching platform, and BigTable, its distributed database. Available at Google Code under an Apache 2.0 license, the library is called Snappy, but Google says this is the same library that was previously referred to as Zippy in some public presentations. As the names imply, the library's primary aim is speed.
  • 04-March - Aster Data Deal Drives MapReduce Into Teradata's Strategy
    It was just a matter of time. Aster Data, one of the most innovative startups in the enterprise data warehousing (EDW) arena, is moving rapidly into the ranks of leading vendors in this hotly competitive space. Teradata, one of the longtime EDW powerhouses, yesterday announced that it is acquiring San Carlos, California-based Aster Data.
  • 20-January - Webcast: Best and Worst Practices for Big Data Analytics -
    Are You Ready?

    Ventana Research, Aster Data
    David Menninger, vice president and research director for Ventana Research, explores best and worst practices, along with the architectures and technology you can use today. In addition, Aster Data will present how their technology helps organizations achieve maximum value from their data and generate analytics that matter.

Past News & Events

Below, please find recent news articles and upcoming events related to MapReduce and MapReduce-based open source projects like Hadoop. You may also find articles and events related to data mining, predictive analytics and other topics of interest to the MapReduce community.

  • 06-December - Hadoop Developer Training
    Cloudera - Washington, D.C.
    Cloudera offers a three day training program targeted toward developers who want to learn how to use Hadoop MapReduce to build powerful data processing applications.
  • 30-November - Hadoop Developer Training
    Cloudera - San Francisco Bay Area
    Cloudera offers a three day training program targeted toward developers who want to learn how to use Hadoop MapReduce to build powerful data processing applications.
  • 18-November - Data Analytics Summit 2010 New York City
    Aster Data, MicroStrategy, Dell, Amazon Web Services - New York City
    Join Marc Parrish, Vice President, Barnes & Noble, and Matt Aslett, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group, Aster Data, MicroStrategy, Dell and Amazon Web Services to learn how organizations are managing growing data volumes, running advanced analytics, getting deeper insights into their data, and utilizing new technologies like MPP data warehouses, MapReduce, and advanced analytic frameworks.
  • 01-November - ApacheCon US 2010
    ApacheCon - Atlanta, GA
    The Apache Hadoop project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. Subprojects include MapReduce, a software framework for distributed processing of large data sets on compute clusters.
  • 29-October - Getting the Most from Elastic MapReduce
    The Amazon Elastic MapReduce service is an implementation of Hadoop on top of the AWS platform. It was created to simplify the rollout of new MapReduce applications and thus make this technology available to a larger audience.
  • 28-October - Webcast: "Analytic Platforms: How New Data Management Technologies Enable New Analytics"
    Merv Adrian, Colin White, Aster Data
    Join Merv Adrian and Colin White of the BeyeNetwork to learn how to: Choose the right solution and deployment approach; Develop and deploy based on your business needs and technology requirements; and Enable best practices for data management and advanced analytics within your organization.
  • 12-October - Hadoop World 2010
    Cloudera - New York City
    Join us for the 2nd annual Hadoop World conference taking place at the Hilton New York Hotel on October 12, 2010. Register today to join your colleagues and community for an engaging and educational day, plus terrific networking at the closing cocktail reception.
  • 05-October - Aster Data and Cloudera Partner to Couple Industry-leading Analytical Database and Hadoop Solutions
    Aster Data
    Aster Data and Cloudera announced an agreement that unites Aster Data nCluster, the industry’s first massively parallel (MPP) database with an integrated analytics engine, with Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH), the most comprehensive Apache Hadoop-based platform in the industry. Together, these two leaders in analytical data warehousing and Hadoop are joining forces to deliver a joint solution that allows customers to both capture 100% of their data and structure it for deeper analytical insights to their business.
  • 30-September - Big Data Insights Summit 2010 Chicago
    Aster Data, MicroStrategy, Dell, SAS, Analytics8 - Chicago, IL
    Join James Kobielus of Forrester Research along with Aster Data, MicroStrategy, Dell and SAS to learn how organizations are managing growing data volumes, running advanced analytics, getting deeper insights into their data, and utilizing new technologies like MPP data warehouses, MapReduce, and advanced analytic frameworks.
  • 23-September - Webcast and Live SQL-MapReduce Demo: "Where's Waldo? Advanced Analytics for Location and Network Intelligence"
    Aster Data and Cobi Systems
    Enterprises and government agencies can become overwhelmed with information. The value of all that data lies in the insights it can reveal. To get the maximum value, you need an analytic platform that lets you analyze terabytes of information rapidly for immediate actionable insights. Watch this webcast to learn how you can improve: Network intelligence via graph analysis to understand connectivity among suspects, information propagation, and the flow of goods; Security analysis to prevent fraud, bot attacks, and other breaches; Geospatial analytics to quickly uncover details about regions and subsets within those communities; and Visual analytics to derive deeper insights more quickly.
  • 23-August - Hadoop Training for Developers
    Cloudera - San Francisco Bay Area
    Cloudera offers a three-day training program targeted toward developers who want to learn how to use Hadoop MapReduce to build powerful data processing applications. Individuals may attend all three days, and there are a limited number of seats for either the first day only (basic), or the second two days combined (intermediate + advanced).
  • 16-August - Aster Data Introduces Free, Downloadable MapReduce Development Environment
    Aster Data
    Aster Data Developer Express, an integrated development environment (IDE), significantly eases the development and deployment of MapReduce-enabled analytic applications. The IDE has been proven to make it tremendously easy for developers and analysts to build, test, and with one click deploy rich analytic applications that leverage large volumes of data.
  • 07-August - MapReduce, Hadoop: Young, but Worth a Look
    When some IT pros encounter Big Data, they think of big-name IT vendors. Others think of Google. They reckon a company that does a fantastic job searching the Web must know something about managing lots of data.
  • 29-July - Webcast: Explore Terabytes of Customer Data in Minutes:
    Build more powerful analytic applications with SQL-MapReduce

    Aster Data and Fuzzy Logix
    Learn how you can: Build rich analytic applications in hours with pre-built analytic functions for website path and pattern analysis, stastical modeling, and customer behavioral analysis; Increase business analyst and data scientist productivity using the powerful and yet familiar SQL-MapReduce framework; Accelerate analytic application performance 8-10x by processing 100% of your analytics in-database with our data-analytics server.
  • 12-July - Hadoop Training for Developers
    Cloudera - New York City
    Cloudera offers a three-day training program targeted toward developers who want to learn how to use Hadoop MapReduce to build powerful data processing applications. Individuals may attend all three days, and there are a limited number of seats for either the first day only (basic), or the second two days combined (intermediate + advanced).
  • 29-June - Hadoop Summit 2010
    Santa Clara, CA
    Attend keynotes by technology leaders from Yahoo!, Amazon Web Services, Cloudera and Facebook, to hear exciting announcements on new capabilities and applications using Hadoop.
  • 28-June - BigDataCamp
    Santa Clara, CA
    BigDataCamp is an unconference for users of Hadoop and related technologies to exchange ideas in a loosely distributed format. Led by CloudCamp's Dave Nielsen, attendees are encouraged to share thoughts in open discussions with pre-defined and majority-vote topics, including best practices in application development and advanced analytics. Pre-defined topics will be presented in workshops with free AWS credits for Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Data engineers, enterprise architects, developers, analysts, data mining and business intelligence professionals are encouraged to attend. BigDataCamp takes place the night before the Hadoop Summit. Sponsored by Amazon Web Services, Aster Data, Karmasphere and Concurrent.
  • 23-June - Webcast: Cross-channel Attribution: Using SQL-MapReduce for Search and Social Marketing Analysis
    Aster Data and Richard Zwicky, President and Founder of Eightfold Logic
    Attend this webinar to learn Eightfold Logic's best practices for cross-channel online marketing analysis using the industry’s first massive parallel processing database to deliver native MapReduce integration.
  • 23-June - More Functionality for Massive Data Warehouses
    Aster Data has stepped up its efforts to bring MapReduce functionality to the enterprise by launching a new library of code. MapReduce is the engineering framework developed by Google to help organisations perform detailed analytics of extremely large databases.
  • 21-June - Aster Data Expands Suite of MapReduce-based Advanced Analytic Functions
    Aster Data
    Aster Data's unique coupling of MapReduce and SQL, with more than 1,000 pre-packaged functions, accelerates development of advanced analytic applications.
  • 02-June - What is Data Science?
    O'Reilly Radar
    We've all heard it: according to Hal Varian, statistics is the next sexy job. Five years ago, in What is Web 2.0, Tim O'Reilly said that "data is the next Intel Inside." But what does that statement mean? Why do we suddenly care about statistics and about data?
  • 27-May - Webcast: SQL-based Analytics at Internet Scale with MapReduce
    Aster Data and independent analyst Rick van der Lans
    This free webcast showcased how to optimize your existing SQL-based applications with advanced analytics, massive parallel processing (MPP), and enabling technologies like SQL-MapReduce.
  • 24-May - MapReduce your Inbox: Yahoo Mail is Fighting Spam with Big Data
    Is there a way to defeat spam? Late last week, the Yahoo Mail team shared news from an independent study that users of the Yahoo Mail receive significantly less spam messages in their email inbox than other competitive services.
  • 30-April - Using Analytics to Manage Margins
    Slice it whichever way you want, competitive advantage in retail comes down to how merchants manage margins. To play the game of high volume/low margins well, we need to understand which variables to influence to keep the cash registers ringing; data crunching and the right kind of analytics point us to the set of levers to pull to be able to get optimal benefits.
  • 27-April - Big Data Summit 2010 Dallas
    Aster Data - Dallas
    Learn how organizations are managing growing data volumes, running highly advanced analytics, getting deeper insights into their data and utilizing new technologies like MPP data warehouses, MapReduce, and advanced analytics frameworks.
  • 13-April - Workload Management Tools Key to Running Busy Data Warehouses
    Nobody ever said a data warehouse's job was an easy one. Between loading data in real time, producing multiple daily reports and returning answers to deep-dive ad hoc analytic queries, today's data warehouses are being asked to handle more tasks from more users against more data than ever before.
  • 12-April - Aster Data Announces New Analytics Center
    Aster Data
    The new Aster Analytics Center provides product offerings, services, a world-class team, and an elite ecosystem of partners to develop and deliver data-driven applications that use SQL and MapReduce.
  • 12-April - MapReduce - Benefits, Confusion, and Controversy?
    Colin White, BI Research
    MapReduce has gained significant interest and momentum in the IT industry, while also managing at the same time to generate a certain amount of controversy. The interest is due to its success in solving large data problems in highly visible Internet companies such as FaceBook, Google and MySpace, and the potential to expand this success into more traditional business applications. The controversy has been caused by certain pundits predicting that MapReduce will lead eventually to the demise of SQL-based relational database management systems (RDBMS).
  • 07-April - Karmasphere: Helping to Tame A Tool Called Hadoop
    Wall Street Journal
    Hadoop is one of those buzzwords that pop up frequently in Silicon Valley, baffling all but the people who toil deep in data centers. But that’s likely to change, and a startup called Karmasphere hopes to be one of the reasons.


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